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Welcome to Reception

Our learning from 2021 - 2022

Our Spring learning and adventures


We enjoyed joining in to retell and act out the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’  We loved taking on the roles of the different characters and it was fun using different voices. We were given a challenge to build a new bridge for the Three Billy Goats Gruff.  We had to think about the materials we would use, how to join them together and to make sure it was strong enough for the goats.  We made bridges outside using planks of wood, sticks and blocks.  We used lots of different construction kits and used recycled materials. It was fun working with our friends to complete the challenges.


For Science day we looked at things that grow, including ourselves.  We measured different parts of our bodies and compared heights.  We planted seeds and know how to look after them.  When the weather improves we are looking forward to planting them outside in our garden.


We loved the ‘Supertato’ stories.  We especially enjoyed our visit from Supertato himself.  We had lots of questions we ask him.  One day Evil Pea escaped from the jar and we wrote him notes and built traps to catch him.


In PE we have been working on our rolling, throwing and catching skills. In dance we have loved outing a sequence of movements together to perform a dance.  It was great fun watching our performance back on the big screen!


In our phonics we have been practising segmenting and blending the sounds we know in longer words.


In Maths we have been finding out about the different ways we can make numbers up to 10.


Have a look at the photographs to see what we have been busy learning ..... 

We are learning all about space.  


The children are enjoying listening to lots of different stories and information books all about space.  We created a story map for ‘Whatever Next’ and ‘How to Catch a Star’. We are using the Usborne information book to explore answers to our questions. 


We are exploring the names and finding out facts about the different planets. Can your child tell you the name of one or more of the planets? Can they tell you fact about this planet?  


We are learning about astronauts and what they do in space. We have enjoyed reading Astro Girl and about her wishes to become an astronaut when she is older.  We have watched Tim Peake inside the International Space Station. We could see where the astronauts go to sleep, what jobs they have to do and even the toilet. We loved watching the astronauts floating around. Ask your child why astronauts float in space.   


We are finding out about what the moon is made of and how astronauts prepare for the rockets launch and watch the first ever landing on the moon. We are making our own space rockets using junk modelling materials and in the construction area.   


We have been exploring the stars and made our own star constellations.


We got to look through a real telescope with Mr Cunliffe.


Our music and movement lessons are themed around space and we have been using instruments, words and moves to help us learn about the planets, solar system and the role of an astronaut


In PE we are really enjoying using the apparatus safely. We have been travelling in different ways and practising our skipping.  We have learnt different gymnastic stretches.  Can your child show you pike, straddle and tuck?  We have been balancing on different parts of our bodies and balancing on the apparatus as well as practising our jumping.


In our phonics we have now introduced all the letter sounds of the alphabet. We are listening to the beginning sounds of words and blending sounds together making three letter words. 


In Maths we are looking at the different ways we can make numbers up to 5. We have investigated 1 more and less than any number up to 5.  We have been exploring positional lanaguage and shapes too.


Have a look at the photographs to see what we have been busy learning ..... 

We have been enjoying exploring our new classrooms, learning new routines and getting to know each other and our familiar adults in the Reception unit. We have been learning all about ourselves in our topic, ‘Marvellous Me’. We have read lots of different books including; ‘My Mum’ and ‘My Dad’. We loved ‘Owl Babies’ and helped the baby owls build a nest in our outdoor classroom.  We have been drawing ourselves, thinking carefully about the colours and shapes of our faces. We have been naming different fruits and discussing the importance of eating 5 a day.  We designed and made our own fruit kebab.  We have been practising our painting skills through painting the Owl Babies. We have loved learning new songs, following recipes in the mud kitchen and using the trim-trail. In PE we have been developing our throwing and catching skills as well as making shapes and balancing during our yoga sessions.  We are learning lots of new sounds every day and learning to write these. We have been practising how to read these in words.  In numeracy we have been exploring repeating patterns, using language to compare different lengths and heights as well as learning about the numbers 1, 2, 3 including composition, subitising and recognising numerals. 

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