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Meet the Reception Team

Welcome Back!

The children have settled back in school so well and are enjoying being back with their friends and getting back into a routine. We have spent lots of time playing games and catching up. 

We have been listening to a variety of different superhero themed texts over the last few weeks. We loved getting creative, making our own superhero and designing their gadgets too! We used labels to describe what their gadgets could do and made them out of junk modelling materials.


We have been practicing the sounds: 


y z v w x j


ch sh ng qu ai ee


We have practising the tricky words:


the to I go to and       he she me we be 



We have been consolidating all of our maths learning. Counting forwards and backwards. Ordering and recognising numbers. Lots of counting of objects and matching numerals as part of the Big Count for the Census. We have been exploring ways of making numbers up to 10. 


Science Day 

We became Evil Pea Scientists. We wanted to get Supertato with the masher but he was to hard. What could we do to mash him up? We had lots of great ideas about ways he could be changed. We boiled Supertato in water and that made him soft so we could then mash him. 

We chopped up radishes and carrots and put the end in some water. We have been observing what has happened and a new plant is starting to grow. 

We stood celery into some blue water, we discussed that the water is a liquid. Over the day the blue water had travelled up the celery and turned the leaves and tops blue! 

Home Learning

Well done Reception for yet another week of super home learning all about The Enormous Turnip.  We have loved seeing your super drawings and labels for the characters from the story.  We have been very impressed with your drawings of root vegetables as well as finding out lots of different words for enormous.  You have been doing fantastic number ordering and representations of numbers 9 and 10.  We have seen some great investigating as to what we can pull and push.

Reception have had another amazing week of enjoying their learning about The Three Billy Goats Gruff and we our blown away with your fantastic work yet again this week.  You have created some super WANTED posters for the troll, lots of fabulous small world mats for the Three Billy Goats Gruff and the troll and great story maps to help with retelling the story. 

A big WELL DONE and THANK YOU to you all for your hard work.  


Have a lovely break and we look forward to our new learning after half term.



Our Reception children have been very busy doing lots of fantastic home learning.


They have been creating some lovely art work in ice, cooking, baking, sharing stories and creating story maps. We have had a construction challenge for the children to create their own bridges for the Troll in the story of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. The children have been working really hard with their Phonics and Maths completing lots of practical activities, including some fantastic writing. We have also been exploring science creating sounds and music using glasses of water and taking part in a weather watch; this has been great with all the ice and snow we have been having.  Everyone has been working extremely hard at home!

Autumn Term


This half term Reception’s learning is all about space. 

The children are enjoying listening to lots of different story and information books all about space.  We created a story map for ‘Whatever Next’ and are enjoying the Usborne questions and answers information book.  We are starting to ask and find answers to questions about space.


We are exploring the names and finding out facts about the different planets. Can your child tell you the name of one or more of the planets? Can they tell you a fact about this planet? 


We are learning about astronauts and what they do in space. We have watched Tim Peake inside the International Space Station. We could see where the astronauts go to sleep, what jobs they have to do and even the toilet. We loved watching the astronauts floating around. Ask your child why astronauts float in space.  


We are finding out about what the moon is made of and how astronauts prepare for the rockets launch and we will watch the first ever landing on the moon. We are making our own space rockets using junk modelling materials and in the construction area.  We have carried out an investigation about how craters are formed on the moon.


Our music and movement lessons are themed around space and we have been using instruments, words and moves to help us learn about the planets, solar system and the role of an astronaut.


In our phonics we have now introduced all the letter sounds of the alphabet. We are listening to the beginning sounds of words and blending sounds together to make three letter words.


In Maths we are looking at the different ways we can make numbers up to 5. We will investigate 1 more and less than any number up to 5. 


Have a look at the photographs to see what we have been busy learning .....



Welcome to the Reception page.


We have had a fantastic first week in Reception. The children have settled into their new routines, been busy exploring their new classrooms and getting to know their new teachers.  


They have also been very busy with their learning:


We have been learning the sounds; s a t p.


We have been counting objects and recognising numbers up to 5 and 10. 


We have been thinking about what a wonderful world we live in and have spent time outdoors to appreciate it and have used the natural resources in our art work. 


We have been thinking about the parts of our body and how to keep healthy.

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