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Inglewood Infants is proud to be a core partner of Spark - a group of schools, freelance creatives and cultural organisations with a passion for working with children and young people so that they will feel proud of our city and all that it has to offer. 

Our Vision is that:

Every child and young person in Carlisle will benefit from sustained, high-quality access to visual and performing arts, culture and music opportunities, in school and out. We are working in partnership with others to create a thriving cultural scene around the city, so that we can:

  • provide those first sparks of interest in creativity in all its forms - art, design, science, music, maths, history, geography, nature, sport and culture
  • support wellbeing 
  • develop high-quality, sustainable creative careers opportunities for young people, to nurture and retain skills in the city
  • help our young citizens to feel proud to live in our city.

Spark Open Day at Shankhill School