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Welcome to our Nursery Page

Welcome back! We are so proud of how well our children are settling in and we have  enjoyed getting to know all of our new starters. The children have been enjoying playing in all of the areas inside as well as exploring in the big garden. They have been getting to know the staff in our setting and making new friends. 

Mrs Anderson and Miss Woods are the teachers in nursery. The children will see Mrs Anderson on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Miss Woods on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Mrs Armiger and Mrs Thompson help in our class everyday. 

Autumn Term 2021


The children have already been very busy in nursery and have settled well into the routine. They have been using mirrors to look at themselves and we talked about what colour hair and eyes they have. They then did some wonderful paintings of themselves for our nursery wall. The children have been collecting leaves in the big garden and we used these to create some fantastic hedgehog collages. In nursery we also have a curiosity cube and each week something different appears inside it! This week it had some hedgehogs inside! We talked about what they look like and how they could have got inside the cube. The children had some interesting ideas! 


We are always having lots of fun!