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Inglewood Nursery and Infant School

Everyone Matters


We are proud to be an Eco-School and to have our own Eco-Committee. We are inspired to create real change and make positive impacts. 


We are currently working towards the Green Flag award, linking the topic of 'Healthy Living' with our Science and DT curriculum, encouraging healthy habits within school. 


Our Achievements So Far

Eco Schools Silver Award - 2019 / 2020

We began our journey towards the silver award by embedding our work on 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle' into everyday school life. Children began to independently access the area in school to support their Art and DT creativity. We supported this by hosting a 'Recycling Week' in school, where parents and other members of our community sorted materials with the children, which linked with areas of our Science curriculum.

Year 2 children also visited the local refuse centre to find out more about what happens to our waste. Year 1 were visited by a local charity and explored the importance of reducing waste in our world. This led to our committee introducing a community crisp recycling bin. 


As committee members changed, it was decided that the new topic would be 'Energy'. The committee members held meetings in their own classrooms where they discussed the importance of turning off taps to save water, and lights and other forms of electricity when not in use. The committee members proudly became 'Light Monitors', creating posters displayed around school reminding others (especially teachers!) to turn off taps and lights.  


'Biodiversity' was out next topic. We worked closely with Another Ways charity tree planting event in the Matterdale Valley, where our school governor accompanied the children to help carry out this important (and messy) work. This work was shared with the whole school afterwards and led to deeper understanding of important areas of our Science and Geography topics. 


During recent school closures, home learning tasks have been inspired by this topic. Children have been encouraged to engage with the 30 Days in the Wild campaign as well as building bug hotels and planting in, and caring for our own garden spaces. 


Eco Schools Bronze Award - 2019

To earn this award we began by electing our first Eco-Committee who carried out an environmental review and decided upon their first action plan. It was discovered that not all areas of school were recycling paper and plastic as well as they could. A recycling area was created in school, meaning materials could be re-used as part of learning. This has reduced the amount of waste created by our school. Further to this, we created a compost area using some of our wasted food.