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Inglewood Nursery and Infant School

Everyone Matters


Curriculum Statement 2022-2023

At Inglewood Community Nursery and Infant School, our learning environment is creative and purposeful and supports our belief that everyone matters.


Early Years Curriculum

In Little Fawns, Skylarks and Little Owls, we set up our core provision and change it daily to best

suit the children’s responses to our stimuli. We call this ‘in the moment planning’ and, using a balance of adult –led and child-led activities, ensure that your child develops interests and enthusiasms in a wide range of pre-school activities and learning. Toward the end of your child’s year in Little Owls, we begin the transition into Reception. In our Reception classrooms, our learning environment encompasses playful learning and we plan activities appropriate to your child’s needs through our topic- based curriculum. We also teach phonics, reading, writing, number, and shape and space alongside the topics. Throughout the early years we follow the Early Years Statutory Framework to ensure that your child’s needs are met.

Key stage 1 Curriculum

We build on the creative learning behaviours that your child has developed in the EYFS and continue our topic-based approach, as well as teaching explicit subject lessons such as English, mathematics, computing and physical education.

Whole School approaches

We teach phonics every day using Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised. We use reading books which are carefully sequenced and matched to pupils' reading levels. Our older pupils read in groups, with an adult, three times per week. We also encourage reading for pleasure and have many welcoming reading areas throughout school. Spoken language and writing is a particular focus throughout school and we use the lively Talk for Writing approach.

We use the 'Mastering Number' programme to teach regular fluency sessions in maths. White Rose Maths is used in Reception and Key Stage 1 for daily mathematics lessons.

We support all our learners to develop behaviours for learning through using a Stop, Understand, Move-On (SUMO) approach. We also encourage children to develop a positive approach to learning through JONK (The Joy OF Not Knowing). Pupils enter the 'JONK den' to learn to learn new things. 

We complement this with our classroom management which allows learners to work individually, in pairs, in mixed-ability and in challenge groupings.

This is the link to the Early Years Statutory Framework: Early Years Statutory Framework 2021


For Religious Education we follow the Cumbria Agreed Syllabus: