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Inglewood Nursery and Infant School

Everyone Matters


This half term we will be learning all about The Great Fire of London in our history lessons. We are looking forward to receiving a special visitor who is coming to teach us about Remembrance Day. In Science we will be finding out about animals and their life cycles. We will be doing games and dance in P.E. We have a trip to the cinema which we are all excited about. In December we will learn about the Christmas story and we will be rehearsing Christmas songs. In Art and D&T we will be sewing and printing. Look out for our creations at Christmas time!

We have been sewing and printing - can you guess what we are making?

Library Van Visit

Remembrance Day

The children had a special visitor who came to teach them all about why we wear poppies. They now have a better understanding of what Remebrance Day is all about. All the children showed respect and were intrigued by the artefacts which Miss Poppy showed to them. 

'We will remember them.'

Brushing Our Teeth



In art we have been learning about line, tone, shape and colour. We explored ways to create different effects with pencils and pastels. We learned to shade, to cross hatch and to stipple to add interesting details to our pictures. 

Carlisle Castle and Cathedral Trip - September 2022

We have had two fantastic trips to visit Carlisle Castle and Carlisle Cathedral. 

At the Cathedral we learned about the different features of this special building then we went into the school room to complete various tasks.

We went into the different parts of the castle and found out what the different rooms were used for. We also walked round the walls and through the half moon battery. 

Ask us what we saw and what we discovered. 

September in Year 2