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Inglewood Nursery and Infant School

Everyone Matters

Autumn 2022

Our first week in Reception!

The children have been settling extremely well! They are enjoying making new friends and getting to know all the new faces around them. We have been thinking a lot about our feelings and how starting a new adventure can make us feel lots of different emotions. We have been reading The Colour Monster about a monster who needed help to put names to the feelings he had. The children have been so confident in using their words and gestures to communicate how they are feeling. To get to know each other, we have a talk partner who we sit on the carpet with, talking about our learning, asking each other questions etc to help get to know one another. We have even had our first P.E. lesson which was fantastic! We went up to the big hall and we were so good at listening and following instructions.  We loved joining in with the story, From Head to Toe by Eric Carle and have been exploring and talking about what we can do with our bodies.  We are so proud with how well the children are settling in and how independent they are already when they come into school; saying goodbye to loved ones, finding their own peg and tackling their first learning task of the morning! 

This week  we have enjoyed exploring and learning about dinosaurs.  We have been reading lots of different stories and information books about dinosaurs.  We have been exploring questions we wanted to know more about . . . . Can you name a dinosaur?  Can you tell if they are a meat eater or a plant eater? We have been looking at the size of different dinosaurs.  We measured the size of a real T-Rex footprint.  It was enormous!  We have started our phonics!  Look out on Evidence Me for the sounds of week.