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Inglewood Nursery and Infant School

Everyone Matters

Art and Design Technology

At Inglewood we celebrate the creativity of everyone through our Art and DT learning


Design and Technology allows us to teach all our learners practical skills and techniques so that they can physically arrange materials and components in order to find solutions to practical challenges or problems. Our curriculum allows all learners to make their own choices and decisions, to discuss the reasons for these and evaluate their products. As our learners practise their skills and develop knowledge of materials, we also encourage their creativity and imagination.

Through the DT curriculum, we also want to develop our learners’ knowledge of how to keep themselves healthy and make informed choices about healthy eating. We want them to be able to choose, cook and eat safe, healthy food, so we can equip them with the knowledge and skills that will help them to make healthy choices now and in later life.  Our four main learning areas which all children access each year with prgression of skills and knowledge are . . . . 











For every unit of learning we follow the learning process 


Design - Make - Evaluate


Every child has their own sketch book


Take a look at some of our Design and Technology learning across the year groups. 


I can design, make and evaluate a Christmas decoration

I can design, make and evaluate a puppet from a familiar story


I can design, make and evaluate an Antarctica scene using sliders


I can design, make and evaluate a bridge for The Three Billy Goats Gruff

I can design, make and evaluate a home for an animal to suit its needs